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The Transportation Coalition for Livable Communities includes the California Transit Association, League of California Cities, California State Association of Counties, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, CALCOG, and major Metropolitan Planning Organizations including SACOG, MTC, SCAG, SANDAG and San Joaquin Valley Policy Council, as well as the Natural Resources Defense Council, California Alliance for Jobs, Transportation California, Environmental Defense Fund, California Chapter of the American Planning Association, American Lung Association in California, and the California Center for Sustainable Energy.  With support from over 50 organizations statewide, the Coalition has developed a proposal to invest cap and trade revenue to address both the greenhouse gas reduction goals of AB 32 and California's critical transportation system needs. Our uniting principle is that auction revenues derived from vehicle fuels should be used to fund transportation system needs in a way that achieves AB 32 objectives and builds on the framework of SB 375 and other GHG reduction strategies.

To join our "Supporters Network" please email for updates on how you can help! The Coalition is seeking support for our Program Concept and Assembly Bill 574 (Lowenthal). Take a look at the AB 574 Fact Sheet for a quick overview of the effort.